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Michael Mayo, a singer, songwriter, music producer and entrepreneur. Born in 1998, in Connecticut, Michael Mayo grew up with a love of all of music!

Recent Label Releases

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Apex Records

Released "Sanity" with Subfer

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million records

Released "Don't Need Your Lovin" Teenex x Michael Mayo (Remix)

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Who Is Michael Mayo

Michael Mayo is an American Singer, Award-Winning Songwriter, and Music Producer based in Connecticut. Michael Mayo has honed his skill in music producing spawning national and international acclaim, deals, and remixes. MIchael Mayo started producing music at the age of 14. Since then, Michael Mayo has worked hard to create a unique sound and brand. Michael Mayo has worked on various projects with the world-renowned Cirque Du Soliel, Bass Cartel, C Y G N, Michael Roman, Subfer and more! Mayo has been played on national and international radio stations. Mayo has also worked with great artist such as NonFiction, Mari Vannucci, Nick Wryte, Subject Music and Myhm. Mayo has been featured on the TRU Magic Network, Apex Records, and Defco Records Releasing two tracks under their label. Mayo's skills include digital media, video editing, directing, producing, web development, accounting, marketing, social media and public speaking. Michael Mayo's music is currently available on all major platforms.