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Michael & .IRG
Sweetie Remix

.IRG, best known for his songs "new jersey" and "pick up the phone" & having accumulated over 800 thousand streams on Spotify,  & Michael Mayo, best known for Hope (La Fa Q Remix) and "Dancin on my own" having over half a million plays announces the release of .IRG's song "Sweetie!"

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Michael Mayo, an American Singer-Songwriter record producer, is a pop variety artist who has worked with and has ghost written and produced a number of songs! Most Notably Don't Cry Which Reached 1 Million Plays On SoundCloud in 2017 and has been remixed over 1050 times on SoundCloud, YouTube, and other music platforms. Michael Mayo has worked with a number of popular and huge companies most notable Cirque du Soleil. In addition, Michael Mayo is working with producer Drove Amaro who has over 1 million stream on Spotify and over 15 million on YouTube. These songs will be release in January of 2021 and another at an undetermined date.

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