"Music is only as good as the passion you put into it!" 

                                                -Michael Mayo



I used to make music for fun and myself; however, one day someone heard it and told me it had help them through a rough time. Since then, I've not only made music for myself but for others as now I feel like it's the responsible thing to do because we never know what someone else is going through. I want to not only make music to have a career but to make an impact on someone and to give them that same feeling that I get when I listen to music.


When I started producing music I knew I didn't want to sound and look like everyone else who was doing I wanted to make a style that was unique to me. But no one can teach you what you are good at but they can guide you to step out of your comfort zone. Now I know my direction I simply do this for the love of music. My music is to inspire, and comfort others who feel the way I do.



Michael Mayo, an American Singer-Songwriter record producer, is a pop variety artist who has worked with and has ghost written and produced a number of songs! Most Notably Don't Cry Which Reached 1 Million Plays On SoundCloud in 2017 and has been remixed over 1050 times on SoundCloud, YouTube, and other

music platforms. Michael Mayo has worked with a number of popular and huge companies most notable Cirque du Soleil. In addition, Michael Mayo is working with producer Drove Amaro who has over 1 million stream on Spotify and over 15 million on YouTube. These songs will be release in January of 2021 and another at an undetermined date.